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Looking for some awesome vintage? Check out Vintage Complex!

Some of the items include LL Bean Cut Off Shorts with Plaid on the inside, a Leopard Print Crop Top & a pair of 90’s Floral High-Waisted Shorts.

The items range from the 60’s-90’s. So what are you waiting for? Shop now!

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» IAN R.: when you find vintage designer shit, you literally die


so today my uncle just give my christmas money, i told him i wanna go to the thrift store and buy more vintage clothes. so we went, i was shopping, checked out every part of the men department, i find a vintage levi beige jeans but fuckin expensive like almost $20 so i put it back, so i left the…

OMFGAH! That’s why I love thrift shopping! You never know what gems you’ll find. You’re hella lucky! I found a vintage Christian Dior blazer one time, but unfortunately it wasn’t my size. Waahhh. =[ But that’s awesome! I wanna see the faux croc leather jacket! ;)

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