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Olivia Pope - Stolen Moments (Monologue)

One of my fave monologues thus far from Scandal. I love how the advice Olivia gives her clients about their personal lives mirrors exactly what’s going on in her personal life. So, as she’s telling them her advice, it’s also a way for her to take heed of her own advice. However, that’s how Olivia is flawed. She’s a professional fixer, but she can’t fix her own personal life.

"Who fixes the fixer?"

"You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets & lies & you’re calling it love.

& in the meantime, you’re letting your whole life pass you by while they raise children & celebrate anniversaries & grow old together.

You’re frozen in time. You’re holding your breath. You’re a STATUE, waiting for something that’s never going to happen.

Living for stolen moments in hotel hallways & coat closets, you keep telling yourself they all add up to something real because in your mind, they have to, but they don’t. They won’t! They never will, because s t o l e n moments aren’t a life.

So YOU, have NOTHING! You have no one! End it now!”

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