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Goodwill Thrift Haul [ 9-26-11 ]

After school, my sister & I also decided to drop by the new Goodwill. The deal for the day was everything with a white tag was half off. Idk if they do it on purpose, but it seems like they hide the tags that are the special for the day cuz I didn’t find alot of white tags & when I did, they weren’t cute. Nonetheless, I’m excited about the stuff that I did find. The nude pleated skirt is one of my fave thrift finds ever! It’s in such great condition & the pleating is so beautiful. I’ve been on the hunt for maxi skirts & found the black/purple one. The print reminds me of amoeba/bacteria? Lmsfao. Weird, right? Lastly, I’ve also been wanting a sheer polka dot blouse & I finally found one! It’s really oversized, even for me. Haha. But a top like that shouldn’t be fitted anyways. c[=

Nude Pleated Skirt - $4.99

• Black/Purple Printed Maxi Skirt  $4.99

• Sheer Black/White Polka Dot Blouse - $5.99

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